Bull Eating Grass

Get Utah Bull Semen for Sale

Bull Eating Grass

More and more individuals working in the cattle industry are realizing the convenience of using artificial insemination when it comes to impregnating their cows.

Not only can you control when your cows become pregnant, so you can ensure they all give birth around the same time, but you can improve the traits of the calves by using the absolute best bull semen on the market.

In order to find high quality bull semen for your Utah farm or ranch, you need to deal with a trusted provider like Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch in Montana.

Why Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch?

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch has been in business for over 85 years, and we have always prided ourselves on being a 100% Angus cattle ranch. In addition to being 100% Angus, Lost Lake Ranch has developed and implemented a cutting-edge breeding program that guarantees balanced traits in cattle.

This special program entails not only ensuring the cattle consume extremely nutritious diets, but we rely on a system called “carcass analysis,” which assists us with further improving our specialized breeding program.

The balanced traits that you can expect from cattle bred from our bull semen include:

  • Easy-to-control cattle with calm temperaments
  • Cattle that are resistant to disease
  • Cattle that don’t grow too large, because calves that are too large can cause birthing challenges for cows
  • Highly fertile
  • In addition to many other balanced traits

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we have developed a very effective breeding program that ensures that all our bulls, and therefore, their semen, is of superior quality.

Optimal nutrition combined with other cutting-edge tactics has enabled us to perfect the process of producing bulls that have the highest quality traits that those in the business look for.

From the ability to resist disease, to having a calm temperament, and even having superior fertility, our specialized breeding program ensures all these qualities and more.

We even utilize a special process that involves cattle undergoing ultrasounds in order to further improve our already effective breeding program.

Why are balanced traits so important in cattle?

Any experienced rancher or farmer is knowledgeable of the many benefits of raising cattle with balanced traits as opposed to cattle with traits that aren’t balanced.

Cattle with balanced traits cost significantly less money to manage and care for, and they bring in more money when they’re sold.

On the other hand, raising cattle without balanced traits can cost a rancher a great deal of money, just in attempt to purchase medication to treat the frequent illnesses that the cattle will more likely succumb to.

Additionally, cattle with imbalanced traits can be unpredictable, suffer from low fertility, and selling these types of cattle is difficult, especially if you want to make a large profit.

Angus cattle and why they’re the best

All our cattle are 100% Angus and have been for nearly the last 100 years we’ve been in business.

Our many years of experience in the business has enabled us to become a top seller of bull semen and cattle throughout Montana as well as bordering states. Many farmers, ranchers and consumers alike agree that Angus is the best in the industry when it comes to taste and much more.

Many consumers will only consume Angus beef because it has a distinct flavor and beautiful marbling, which is far superior to USDA beef.

Angus bulls are considered to be the best in the industry for other reasons, too, including the fact that they’re not typically as large as other bulls. Non-Angus bulls have the tendency to grow quite large, which increases the chances of their offspring being large as well.

Calves that are too large can increase the chances of birthing problems in the cows, which could possibly have a very dire ending.

The cow could become permanently injured and unable to become pregnant again, the calf could die, or it could grow up very sickly, which is not conducive to high earnings.

A sickly bull or cow will not sell, and if it does, you will only receive a negligible amount for it.

Characteristics of Angus bulls

100% Angus bulls also have the tendency to have calmer temperaments, which is great, as other types of bulls can become overly rowdy and even dangerous at times.

These bulls can not only become dangerous to those that work on the farm, but also to cows during mating.

Angus cattle enable farmers and ranchers to earn top dollar due to their extremely high quality.

Many experienced ranchers are able to simply look at a bull and determine that it is of extreme caliber.

So, during special events, ranchers from all over looking to add to their herds can come and inspect the impressive cattle that we have to offer at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can tell you more about our excellent ranch and the amazing bull semen that we have to offer you.

You can contact us by email or by phone, but if you prefer, you can visit us in person.

We also host various events throughout the year to give interested parties the opportunity to learn more about Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, tour our facilities, and even share lunch with us.

Purchasing bull semen from Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch

If you opt to purchase bull semen from Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, your order will be filled quickly with the high-quality semen that we’re proud of.

We do not charge inflated prices for our bull semen because of its superior quality, as we pride ourselves on selling the best bull semen in the industry at affordable prices.

We feel that all bull semen should meet or exceed a certain standard and not be sold at astronomical prices.

Visit our impressive ranch and enjoy one or more of our events

If you’re interested in visiting our ranch to make your purchase, we guarantee you will be impressed with what we have established over nearly 100 years.

In addition to selling bull semen, we host many events that are intended to be both fun and informative at the same time.

By attending one of our events, you will have the opportunity to learn all about our high-tech breeding program, tour our ranch and our superior bulls and other cattle that are for sale, and even enjoy lunch with us and many others interested in purchasing our products.

As you can see, the quality of the bull semen that you invest in is extremely important.

Settling for low quality semen from unresearched ranches can result in birthing difficulties due to too-large calves, calves that are sickly and weak, as well as a host of other potential problems.

Lost Lake Ranch offers bull semen that is superior to most other ranches, and we guarantee that our product will exceed your expectations.

Once you realize the positive and sought-after qualities of your calves, you will wish you had purchased our high-quality bull semen from the start.