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Angus Cows Idaho

If you’re currently on the market for bull semen, then you’re obviously a rancher or farmer looking to impregnate your cows via artificial insemination.

However, the type of bull semen that you opt for can impact your entire business, either negatively or positively.

As any experienced rancher is aware of, the quality of the bull semen that you purchase is very important for a number of reasons.

Not only can buying low quality bull semen lead to problems with the actual birthing of new calves, but it can lead to low-quality, sickly calves that grow up to sell for significantly less money than expected, if they even sell at all.

Where to find high-quality bull semen for sale

With such an abundance of ranches available in Idaho and surrounding areas, it can be difficult to choose the one that will provide the most superior bull semen.

When purchasing bull semen, you definitely want to conduct adequate research ahead of time in order to ensure that you end up with the highest quality semen possible.

When conducting research on ranches and their quality of bull semen, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you feel necessary to determine if you should go elsewhere or not.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch: Perfect Place to Purchase Bull Semen

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch is a well-known ranch located in Fort Benton, Montana, and they’ve been in business for over 85 years.

During all those years, this ranch has ensured that all the cattle they breed and deal with are and have always remained 100% Angus.

Angus is a superior type of cattle that originated in Scotland many years ago. Angus cattle are superior for a number of reasons.

The first reason Angus cattle are superior to other types of cattle is because Angus meat trumps USDA as well as other types of beef.

Not many beef lovers can resist the succulent taste of Angus beef, which is often attributed to the fact that Angus beef has thin, evenly distributed marbled fat throughout the meat, giving it a delicious and consistent flavor, as well as a distinct juiciness and tenderness. Angus beef is more expensive than USDA for this reason.

Another reason why Angus cattle are top-quality and extremely sought after is due to their ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Other breeds of cattle often become sick or even die in extreme weather conditions, but Angus cattle not only survive, but they’re often able to thrive in such conditions.

There are many other reasons why Angus cattle are far superior to other breeds, including the fact that they’re resistant to most diseases, often have mild temperaments, and more.

This is why Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch prides itself on its high-quality bull semen and cattle.

These superior cattle can earn ranchers top dollar instead of causing them to lose money like farmers do when they accidentally purchase inferior, low-quality and sickly cattle.

What makes Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch better than the others?

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch utilizes a high-tech breeding program that ensures certain sought-after qualities in their cattle, and therefore, their bull semen.

Their technologically advanced breeding program allows the ranchers to control the quality and characteristics of the livestock that they breed.

4 Essential Characteristics that Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch Guarantees:

  • Calm cattle that are easy to manage – some breeds of cattle are too boisterous and challenging to handle, which could pose a danger, not only to the other cattle in the vicinity, but also to the people that provide care for them. The livestock that Harrer’s breeds come with calm temperaments, making it easy to control the livestock, including the bulls, who are usually the rowdiest.
  • Healthy cattle that are disease-resistant – many other breeds of livestock are more susceptible to diseases that can often ravage an entire herd. The livestock bred at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch are resistant to disease and do not frequently become sickly and weak.
  • Optimal fertility and ability to reproduce on demand – livestock with optimal fertility make it easier for ranchers and farmers, as they can rest assured that their cattle will have the ability to easily reproduce whenever they’re needed to
  • Smaller offspring – livestock that produce calves that are smaller and easier to birth is important, as some breeds of bulls produce extremely large offspring, which could pose a potential problem for the cow giving birth. Not only could this cause the cow to possibly die during the birthing process, but it could cause the calves to grow to be weak, sickly and unable to grow quickly.

How does the breeding program at Harrer’s work?

The unique breeding program at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch entails the combination of the absolute healthiest and vitamin and mineral-infused feed, “carcass analysis,” which requires the use of ultrasound technology on cattle to determine their health.

This program assists the ranchers with further improving their breeding program, making it possible to breed even higher quality cattle in the future.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch is always searching for newer and better ways to tweak their breeding program in order to ensure that it’s constantly being improved.

Since Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch has such an exceptional breeding program, why would anyone purchase livestock or bull semen any place else?

Don’t waste your money by purchasing bull semen and livestock from unknown and unconfirmed sources.

Livestock for Sale in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch offers their high-quality and premium livestock for sale on a daily basis. Those interested in Lost Lake’s cattle can opt to contact the ranch directly by calling, emailing or even visiting in person.

The ranch also hosts various events throughout the year in which interested parties can attend and view the high-caliber livestock that the ranch has to offer and even share lunch with others in attendance. Harrer’s also offers a complete tour of the ranch so others can learn where the absolute best livestock in the Montana, Idaho and Wyoming areas are bred.

When purchasing livestock from Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, you can rest assured that you have purchased the highest quality livestock that will help you earn top dollar, regardless of what your plans are for the cattle.

You will likely make arrangements to come back to Harrer’s in the future, whenever you need more livestock or bull semen, because there’s no question that your expectations will be far exceeded.

Not only will you be impressed with the way in which the ranch itself is operated, but you will appreciate the friendly and helpful ranchers, as well as, of course, the premium livestock.

At Harrer’s, you won’t have to worry about paying astronomical rates for their cattle or bull semen, because not only does Harrer’s believe in quality, but they believe in selling high quality livestock and bull semen to others for fair, affordable prices.

Ranch owners also go above and beyond to ensure that they make all their customers and visitors feel welcome and comfortable, and they don’t mind answering any questions that visitors and customers might have.

As you can see, it’s extremely important to ensure the quality of the cattle and the bull semen that you ultimately end up purchasing.

However, as long as you choose a high-quality source of bull semen to purchase, you can rest assured that you will have a positive overall outcome when it comes to buying superior bull semen as well as livestock.

So, if you’re ready to buy the absolute best bull semen and cattle in the business, give Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch a call so you can make arrangements to stop by their beautiful, well-maintained ranch and purchase the livestock and bull semen that you expect.