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Building your cattle ranch takes time, effort, and research. If you recently entered ranching and haven’t worked in the area before, you may find it daunting to obtain a herd.

You don’t have to purchase from loud, noisy stockyards. You don’t need to buy your entire herd from one place. It also isn’t necessary to purchase a massive number of cattle all at once. In fact, starting small and building your herd from pairs from a variety of sources can help you develop your stock and a family line that blends the best traits of strong lines from other bulls and heifers.

Let Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, a cattle ranch in Fort Benton, Montana, help you develop your herd from the ground up. We offer pairs for sale in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch History

Why choose Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch as the source for your bulls and heifers?

The original ranch, established in the late 1800s by J. O. Patterson, focused on cattle from its inception. In 1968, the Harrer family, led by Bill and Dolores Harrer, purchased the original ranch located in Fort Benton, MT, and honed the ranch’s focus on black Angus cattle. The Harrer family’s purchase continued their long history of ranching and raising Angus cattle in other locations.

Settling in Fort Benton, MT, the Harrer family has raised and sold from the ranch for more than 53 years. Our livestock consists of:

  • steer calves,
  • registered bulls,
  • registered and commercial replacement heifers.

In addition to herd sires, we also sell bull semen so you can artificially inseminate your breeding heifers.

Why Trust Our Livestock?

The Harrer family knows ranching and cattle. When we began raising cattle with the intention of selling them to others, we set an important, overarching goal for our business.

“We breed cattle with balanced traits, to help our customers and ourselves.”

When we offer bull Angus heifers for sale, you can shop knowing that you will receive the best quality animals, raised in wide open spaces that dine on the highest-quality food sources and receive top-of-the-line veterinarian care.

We focus our efforts on producing stock that generates a reliable pedigree with medium-weight calves. That’s because a high birth weight calf can kill the heifer during birth.

Our breeding methods ensure more than acceptable calving ease numbers over a period of many generations. This protects you because you don’t have to worry about an animal you purchase from us exhibiting a recessive genetic trait in its offspring that causes high birth weight calves.

Our methods of breeding cattle ensure that you obtain breeding stock that helps you safely build your herd.

Why Does the Price Vary for Breeding Animals?

You might have noticed that the prices vary for cattle. One month, a bred heifer might cost about $1,200, then the prices spike upward. Prices vary based on three main criteria:

  • month or season,
  • region of the country,
  • genetics of the cattle.

Heifers and bulls cost more or less depending on the time of year you purchase. You can follow the sales calendar to learn the rollercoaster of seasonal prices. This lets you plan your purchases for the times when prices dip to the lowest.

Certain areas of the country produce prized cattle. A certain ranch might have landed rights to breed with another storied ranch’s cattle generations ago. These agreements can sometimes last 100 years, although in modern business the contracts provide shorter. This exclusivity creates master lines.

The genetics of the cattle also influence the price. A line of cattle that consistently produces medium birth weight cattle who put on weight evenly and quickly to produce animals that sell for a good price at the stockyards costs more money. Purchasing top-of-the-line breeding pairs to create other breeding animals also costs more.

These factors influence the prices you pay for any purchase. Keep these facts in mind when you shop for bull Angus heifers for sale.

Ways to Shop for Cattle

When you feel ready to get started building your livestock herd, you can either shop online or in person at an auction.

Shopping at an Auction

If you want to purchase from Harrer’s and view the cattle beforehand, you could attend our annual auction. This affords you the opportunity to see the animals before making the purchase.

We don’t hold these events at our ranch. Instead, we drive the cattle to the Western Livestock Auction in Great Falls, MT. A typical offering at one of these auctions includes more than 100 registered yearling Angus bulls, more than 20 registered yearling Angus heifers, and more than 30 commercial yearling Angus heifers.

Shopping Online

Yes, e-commerce has hit the ranching community, too. You can shop online for the heifers and bulls you need to find or complete your cattle herd.

We sometimes sell through Ranch World ads, which affords us the opportunity to offer pairs, heifers, or bulls during the remainder of the year. This method lets you purchase your started herd when you want to do so, rather than needing to patiently wait for the seasonal auction, typically held in spring.

When you need Bull Angus Heifers for sale in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wyoming, you can easily check the listings on for South DakotaNorth Dakota, and Wyoming for our cattle.

We aren’t the only ranch selling on that site, but we do offer the best cattle. Your savvy shopping can ensure you procure the best breeding stock available.

Considerations of Building a Cattle Herd

When you purchase your ranch, you may want to instantly start ranching. It may seem tempting to try buying an entire herd all at once, but that doesn’t work well.

Starting with a few select pairs of cattle with proven genetic lines helps you build a strong herd from the ground up. Starting small and building by generation ensures you control the development. You don’t overwhelm yourself with too many cattle at one time.

Building a breeding stock that can take your ranch through the generations takes time. Perhaps you own a farm that only requires one or two new animals per year. Procuring one bull and one heifer can provide you with the requisite calf each year, but a safer method comes from purchasing a few couples.

Explore the cattle pair’s genetics fully. Perhaps you purchased a few heifers already and merely need an Angus bull with whom they can mate. We can help you there, too.

Contact Us Today

The Harrer family has long developed our own ranch. Let us help you develop yours. Our bulls, heifers, and calves can offer a vital contribution to the success of your ranch or farm.

When you tell us what you need to round out or begin your cattle herd, we help you. Consulting with us can help you obtain the ideal animals for your needs. No one-size-fits-all solution exists for building a cattle herd. Your needs matter to the Harrer family and we’ll help you determine the ideal animals for your needs.

Call Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch today for more information about our livestock for sale, the current selection of herd sires, and our bull semen supply.