Bull Angus Heifers

North & South Dakota Ranch Has Bull Angus Heifers for Sale

Bull Angus Heifers

If you are in the market to purchase Bull Angus Heifers from a North and South Dakota-based ranch, you are in luck. Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch offers plenty of Bull Angus Heifers, but first, let’s delve more into what a Bull Angus Heifer is and what you should look for when purchasing one or more of them.

First of all, it is imperative that you have the knowledge to select the right type of bull to breed with a heifer so that the calf can be born fairly easily. While many people look at the birth weight as being the most important thing, experts cite the fact that the ease of birth affects the calf more as it gets older. It is important to look at the ease of birth, since many factors are involved because it can also affect the birth weight and how much the heifer bull will weigh as it gets older. The ease of birth also affects how the calf develops throughout its life and will decrease the chances of it having issues with its back, spine, and legs.

The ease of birth, which is also referred to as EPD (Expected Progeny Differences), encompasses many factors of how the calves from the bull and heifer will turn out to become. The EPD looks at not only the birth weight of the calf but the age and size of the cow that bore it, as well as the history of the bull heifer, the gestational period, and even the shape of the calves that are born.

The ranchers in the states of South Dakota and North Dakota know and understand how important it is to raise high-quality cattle and this includes Bull Angus Heifers. For Angus cattle, the calving ease EPD should be about 13 or more. This is yet another way that both ranchers and producers are able to stave off any health issues in the future when assessing heifer bulls.

North Dakota and South Dakota Angus Heifer Bulls

Much of the meat that all of us have come to love throughout the United States hails from farmers and ranchers in North and South Dakota as well as several other western states. Just in the state of North Dakota, there are more than 1.75 million heads of cattle and the cattle statistics in South Dakota are nearly the same as the ones for North Dakota. While beef cattle can be found in pretty much every state in the United States, the Dakotas seem to produce more cattle and, in many cases, higher quality cattle, especially when it comes to Angus beef cattle.

It goes without saying, though, the Angus cattle are not the only breed of beef cattle that are raised in both North and South Dakota since there are also plenty of Hereford, Gelbvieh, Charolais and Simmental breeds. The fact remains, however, that throughout the entire United States, including North and South Dakota, the most popular breed of beef cattle is the Angus Beef.

Angus cattle are polled, which means they are hornless. This also makes them less harmful to things, such as barns and fences since they do not have the horns that they could otherwise have used to destroy things and even to escape their housing areas. These episodes with other cattle cost ranchers and producers tons of money each year since they have to take time away from other things as well as energy and money to put into repairing or replacing things that they need to have that cattle have torn up. They do not have this problem with Angus beef cattle, which is why many ranchers and producers opt to breed, raise, and sell this very popular breed.

The Difference is in How a Heifer Bull and a Herd Bull are Used

Most people who do not work in the cattle industry do not understand the difference between a heifer bull and a herd bull, but it’s really quite simple. A heifer bull is used for breeding with bull heifers since the heifers are female cattle that are at least one year of age and have not yet become mothers. Most producers and ranchers use heifers to breed with their bulls to begin birthing calves when the heifers are about two years old.

What is a Heifer Bull?

Since most ranchers and producers opt to breed their heifers right after they reach their puberty stage of life, they end up birthing their first calves before they are actually fully developed and matured. This can cause health issues for the heifers and the best method they have found to use so far is to breed heifers with bulls that are equipped genetically to produce calves that will be born with a lower birthweight than they normally would. The bulls with these types of genetic makeup are referred to as heifer bulls and are sold that way. They can also be bred with more mature cows so they can produce many calves over the span of their lifetimes.

The Selection Process

To select a great heifer bull, the most important thing that you should consider is the EPD (Expected Progeny Differences) of their birth weight. This is a great way to help assess the animal’s genetics, which will give you some knowledge as to how the bull will perform in the coming years. When it comes to Angus heifer bulls, the recommended birth weight EPD is about 2.5 or less. This means that the calves are expected to weigh 2.5 times more than the calves that are produced by a bull that has an EPD birth weight of 80.

Reliable Sources

It is imperative to purchase bull heifers, as well as other cattle and livestock, from a reliable and reputable source. Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch has been around for more than a century.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch was actually founded in the late 1800s as the Lost Lake Land and Livestock Ranch. Its owners, Bill and Dolores Harrer, started out selling an array of different breeds of cattle but eventually made the decision to stick to an all-Angus cattle operation at their beautiful ranch. They work diligently to provide an excellent environment for all of the high-quality black Angus bulls and heifers that are bred and raised on the ranch. They also offer black Angus Bull semen as well as a variety of services that are designed specifically for producers and ranchers. They pride themselves on the fact that producers and ranchers can always find high-quality Angus Bull Heifers at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch.

Whether you are in the market to purchase Angus Beef Heifers for your farm or ranch or you need Angus beef semen, the experts at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch can help you out. Not only is the ranch a premier partner in the intermountain West for registered Angus cattle, but they offer basically anything you will need when it comes to developing Black Angus cattle and expanding your herd. If you are in need of Angus Beef Heifers or need any of the many services or other products offered by Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, contact us today.