Bull Development Center in Fort Benton, MT

The bull development center at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch is an all-steel corral system designed to maximize health and safety of young bulls being prepared for sales and service.

The facility was built by Don Fritz Jr. in the summer of 1996. It now consists of five long pens able to comfortably house 125 bulls, each having more than 1200 square foot of space. Amenities include feed bunks at the north end utilized to provide carefully weighed, hand-fed, high fiber rations twice daily. Free Access to home-grown high-quality grass hay at the southern end. Abundant amounts of Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch spring water are provided in the middle of the pens as is free to access to salt and mineral and wind breaks/straw bedding. We add all of the fresh air any bull could ever want that tends to blow by in high volumes. A scenic view is provided for all, with the Center nestled in the old Missouri River Breaks. The entire center is on a hillside to maximize drainage and to increase muscle tone as the bulls move from one end to the other.


Our philosophy is that the bulls must be developed to display their potential but conditioned to pass it on. In addition to routine feedings and health checks, we emphasize the frequent interaction of humans and bovines so that each bull is as gentle as possible. They are weighed monthly and culled based on phenotype, performance, and attitude.

In the off-season, the Bull Development Center is utilized to develop our own young herd sires and as a haven for older herd sires to obtain rest and relaxation. The facility has room for expansion. Contact us to learn more if you’re interested in Angus cattle, including our other divisions dedicated to registered Angus, commercial cattle, and farming operations. “

The Bull Pens at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, Ft. Benton, MT !