Bull Semen

Bull Semen for Sale in Fort Benton, MT

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch provides bull semen for sale in Fort Benton, Loma, Carter, or Highwood, MT, available to ranchers and ag operations throughout the state. While we also offer siring services, bull semen is a convenient way to bring the highly-touted traits of our well-cultivated lineage of Black Angus cattle to your herd. Our sires are proven producers, bred for their strong traits and temperament, ready to bring superior genetics to your herd. To inquire about bull semen for sale, please contact us to learn more.

Strong Lineage of Bulls

Our lineage of Black Angus bulls pays homage to the original Harrer Angus roots of our ranch. Today, we’re an all-Angus operation, known for our quality sires and a well-respected source for bull semen if you’re building a beef cattle herd. Our bulls are registered and come backed by complete records of expected progeny differences and lineage, as well as ownership information and comments.

Bull Semen

Superior Trait Selection

Our bulls are bred to pass along a well-cultivated lineage of traits that make their offspring among the best in your herd. Our goal has always been to maintain a high degree of fertility, soundness, calving ease and other superior traits within our cattle. We do this through selective breeding processes and with emphasis on producing bulls that embody the traits most desirable to our customers.

Care and Attention to Quality Breeding

We see our bulls not only as producers, but with compassion for the animals they are. To that end, they receive the finest care and attention as they mature and are performance tested to ensure they meet the highest standards. When we make the decision to sire bulls or sell their semen, rest assured it’s because they’re proven to meet the superior standards we uphold for breeding.

Contact us About Bull Semen for Sale

If you’re looking for bull semen for sale, contact us at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch today at 406-899-9061. Let us introduce you to the finest Black Angus herd sires and other livestock for sale in Fort Benton, MT, with traits and a proven lineage you’ll be glad to imbue your herd with.