Farming Operations in Fort Benton, MT

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch consists of approximately 12,000 acres of land. Somewhat over 10,000 acres is range land and the balance is crop land. The primary crop is grass and the primary hay crop is an alfalfa/grass mixture. We raise winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, oats, and more recently peas. Although we sometimes sell some barley and oats, the primary function here is to raise enough of these small grains to background the steer calves, flush the heifers, and grow out the bulls that are not fed a commercial ration. We are most decidedly a dry land operation, and in recent years drier than we were previously! Although the ranch has numerous springs, and lakes, the water flow is not great enough for irrigation and the majority of the standing bodies of water do not have a constant outflow and are thus too high in salt content to allow for irrigation. Contact us to learn more if you’re interested in Angus cattle, including our other divisions dedicated to registered Anguscommercial cattle, and farming operations.”

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