Commercial & Registered Heifers for Sale

After a long history of raising Angus cattle, the Harrer’s family bought the Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch in 1968. Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch raises the highest quality registered Angus bulls, steer calves, registered and commercial replacement heifers.

We have been offering well-bred, well raised, and healthy cattle for interested cattle keepers in Highwood, Loma, Carter, Fort Benton, and the rest of the state of Montana. So, whether you are in need of an Angus bull, or commercial and registered heifers, we are your best choice for healthy breeds.

Our Commercial & Registered Heifers

The Angus heifer can be used for breeding once they are eight or more months of age, and they can also be used for commercial beef production. Our Angus heifer will make a great mother for your herd if you intend to increase your herd, or you’re just starting a new herd.

They mature fast and are very fertile and maternal. These heifers are also known for unassisted births, and their high-quality and -quantity milk production up until weaning. If you intend to improve your herd’s productivity and fertility, the Angus Heifers are your best bet.

The Angus heifer is also an excellent choice for a commercial beef operation. Angus heifer beef is one of the most preferred in the US today.

Nearly a Century of Heifer Breeding Experience

In the 1800s, J.O Patterson bought homesteads, and the ranch was known as Lost Lake Land and Livestock. Before his retirement during World War 2. J.O Patterson became the postmaster of the ranch. He started with rearing sheep, but later all the sheep were replaced with cattle.

After his retirement, his daughter, Anne Jurgens, and her husband Louis took over Lost Lake. Anne Jurgens and her husband raised Hereford cattle but converted some of the lands to farming.
Later in 1968, the Harrer’s family (Bill and Dolores Harrer) purchased the ranch, and since then, the ranch’s name changed to Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch. However, the Harrer’s family had a cattle-rearing history long before buying the Lost Lake land Ranch.

Back in 1935, the Harrer family had the Holsten Dairy Operation as their first cattle operation. During that time, Wib Harrer was among the Gallatin Cooperative Creamery founding directors. Wib Harrer then bought his first Angus cattle in 1936. With this, together with his brother Fred Harrer started the Hyalite Angus Ranch in Montana.

Later in 1946, the brothers and the herds separated, with each family starting their ranches elsewhere. Wib and his sons began the Green Meadow Ranch in Helena, while Fred Harrer and his family remained in Belgrade and started the Valley Grove Angus Ranch.

By 1953 the Green Meadow Ranch became so popular throughout Montana and in the Western United States. This herd later dispersed in 1970, and Bill Harrer’s share was enough for the down payment of the Lost Lake Ranch. His main goal was to start a commercial herd that could make up for ranch payments, and the goal was met successfully.
After purchasing Lost Lake Ranch, Bill and Dolores Harrer started their Angus herd with only ten cattle. Later in 1992, Grant and Deanna Harrer bought the equipment and cattle and continued with the Angus tradition in the Harrer family.

All of these years, the Harrer’s family has been involved in rearing the heifer breeding, which gives us an upper hand among all the other Heifer Breeders. As you can see, we are experienced in breeding both commercial and registered Heifers for sale.

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An Angus heifer is a good choice for a replacement in your herd if you want to bring in a heifer to act as a building block for the whole herd. Throughout the years, we have dealt exclusively in Angus cattle, as personally feel that this is the best breed to meet a variety of ranch needs. In this time, we have raised and sold many heifers, and our main goal is to bring you well-bred heifers with the best traits.

If you are in Loma, Carter, Fort Benton, and Highwood, Montana, you can contact us about your heifer needs, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best breeds with desirable traits, health, and longevity. Reach out to us at (406) 899-9061 or fill our brief form for more information.

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