28th Annual Production Sale – Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch & Associates

In The Real World Sale (Production sale of Bulls & Heifers)
Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch and Windy Ridge Ranch
Monday, March 28, 2022 1:00 pm sale; 11:30 am lunch
Western Livestock Auction * Great Falls, MT


COVID-19 precautions will be everyone’s personal responsibility, including:

  1. Wearing masks is not mandated.
    Wearing masks is suggested when you can not socially distance. Wear your mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.
  2. Socially distance when possible.
  3. Wash hands frequently, especially before putting on your mask. Or use a hand sanitizer.
  4. Minimize the size of groups you join.
  5. COVID-19 vaccination is encouraged when available and if no contraindications.
  6. Participating in the sale by Phone or On-line is definitely available.

Monday, March 28, 2022

27th Annual Production Sale Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch & Assoc.
“In the Real World Sale”

Western Livestock Auction
Great Falls, MT
Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe (406) 366-0472
Lunch: 11:30 am
Sale: 1:00 pm

Sale Day Phone:
406-727-5400 – Western Livestock Auction
406-899-9061 – Grant cell

Plan on joining us for a great sale! We are selling

  • 100 Registered Yearling Angus Bulls
  • 20 Registered Yearling Angus Heifers

Sale offering includes bulls and heifers from Windy Ridge Ranch – Karen & Chuck Davis
(406) 737-4320

Can’t make the sale?

We are working with DVAuction.com to bring the sale to you.

DVAuction LLR Information

Sale Lots on DVAuction.com


Features of the Lost Lake Extra Value Program 2021

  • All registered bulls are sire-parentage verified by DNA testing
  • All registered bulls have genetically-enhanced EPDs
  • All cattle BVD-free
  • Vaccination program, comprehensive
  • Balanced EPDs
  • Cattle get Nutrition, yet retain Condition
  • Performance tested
  • Extra docility
  • Fertility testing = physical exam + scrotal size + semen test
  • Many “heifer bulls” with retained growth
  • Volume discounts on bull purchases
  • Livestock Insurance (Loss of Use and Mortality) Shared Premium
  • Delivery is Free within Montana and discounted to adjacent states
  • Or sale day pickup discount
  • On-line sale and bidding
  • Free board on bulls until April 15, 2021
  • Harrer’s Satisfaction Guarantee including 84 years of experience

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch . . . where cattle are produced to work in the Real World. If you’re in Fort Benton, Loma, Carter, or Highwood, MT, we hope you contact us today.

  • In the Real World, cattle must be developed to display their potential, but conditioned to pass it on!
  • In the Real World, cattle can not be selected by guesswork!
  • In the Real World, high quality cattle must be available at an affordable price!
  • In the Real World, cattle must have end product merit for all segments of the beef industry!