Registered Angus Bulls for Sale

Livestock for Sale in Fort Benton, MT

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we’ve become a trusted source for well-bred, healthy livestock for sale in Fort Benton, Loma, Carter, and Highwood, MT and across the state. For nearly a century, we’ve provided ranchers and ag operations with premium registered cattle for sale, as well as commercial or registered heifers and steer calves. Whether you’re looking for a replacement heifer to build the integrity of your herd or registered Angus cattle for sale, we take pride in bringing you livestock bred for the most desirable traits, health and longevity.

Registered Angus Bulls
for Sale

We offer registered Angus bulls for sale, backed by genetic profiles that make them an instant boon to your herd. Whether you’re establishing your own Black Angus herd or seeking to breed the desirable traits of our bulls into your own siring operation, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the most respected and trusted sources for Angus bulls.

Commercial or Registered

Looking for a replacement heifer to become the genetic building block for your herd? Expanding your cattle operations and need new commercial heifers? We’re the place to get them in Fort Benton, MT. We have both commercial heifers and registered heifers backed by certifiable lineage, ready to lend their genetics to your operations.

Steer Calves
for Sale

Expanding your feedlot operations? We bring you registered Angus cattle for sale at affordable prices, allowing you to expand your herd accordingly. Our calves are known for their gentleness and temperament, as well as the strength of their genetics as they mature. We invite you to inquire about our calves for sale in Fort Benton, MT and see why we’ve become a reputable partner for ag operations throughout the state.

Nearly a Century of Breeding Excellence

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch continues to build on a legacy of excellence in cattle breeding. We invite you to contact us today at 406-899-9061 to discuss your need for bulls, heifers, calves, herd sires, bull semen, and more. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will gladly answer your questions on our livestock for sale.