Registered Angus Bulls for Sale

Livestock for Sale in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we’ve become a trusted source for well-bred, healthy livestock for sale in Fort Benton, Loma, Carter, and Highwood, MT and across the state. For nearly a century, we’ve provided ranchers and ag operations with premium registered cattle for sale, as well as commercial or registered heifers and steer calves. Whether you’re looking for a replacement heifer to build the integrity of your herd or registered Angus cattle for sale, we take pride in bringing you livestock bred for the most desirable traits, health and longevity.

 Find Registered Angus Bulls for Sale from anywhere in the USA!

We offer registered Angus bulls for sale, backed by genetic profiles that make them an instant boon to your herd. Whether you’re establishing your own Black Angus herd or seeking to breed the desirable traits of our bulls into your own siring operation, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the most respected and trusted sources for Angus bulls.

Commercial or Registered

Looking for a replacement heifer to become the genetic building block for your herd? Expanding your cattle operations and need new commercial heifers? We’re the place to get them in Fort Benton, MT. We have both commercial heifers and registered heifers backed by certifiable lineage, ready to lend their genetics to your operations.

Steer Calves
for Sale

Expanding your feedlot operations? We bring you registered Angus cattle for sale at affordable prices, allowing you to expand your herd accordingly. Our calves are known for their gentleness and temperament, as well as the strength of their genetics as they mature. We invite you to inquire about our calves for sale in Fort Benton, MT and see why we’ve become a reputable partner for ag operations throughout the state.

Premium Registered
Livestock Sales

If you’re in search of premium livestock to replace other cattle and complete your ranch, you’re probably aware of the importance of purchasing from a reputable company. Failing to purchase your livestock from a reputable company could cause you to end up with sub-standard livestock that are sickly and not of food-grade level. This could lead to the loss of a great deal of money.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch may be the answer to your problems, as a Montana-based ranch offering only the highest quality, premium livestock that are registered. In order to qualify for registration, cattle must meet or exceed a certain standard. Here at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we pride ourselves on offering our excellent livestock, and being able to stand by our word when you purchase registered livestock from us.

Purchasing Livestock
from Harrer’s

Purchasing livestock from Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch is easy. Once you’ve looked through our catalog and determined the livestock we currently have available that will best meet your needs, you can contact us directly and make arrangements to complete your purchase and pick up your cattle.

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, you can choose to purchase registered bulls, heifers, and steer calves, and the fact that they’re registered should convince you of their high quality. Most prospective buyers can simply look at the livestock in person and determine that they’re in excellent condition, due to their calm temperaments, healthy, shiny coats, and much more.

Breeding Program

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we utilize a fine-tuned breeding program to yield premiere Angus cattle. We go above and beyond to ensure our livestock receive the best in nutrition, which encourages optimal health and growth. We also utilize a system called “carcass analysis” in which the bulls that we have for sale have undergone ultrasounds, which helps with improving their breeding process on a regular basis.

These cows undergo a synchronous induced heat process every spring, so that they can be inseminated on a schedule. This makes it possible to better schedule when calves are born so they will reach their full potential. Our team is experts at especially breeding livestock to ensure they’re born with the most sought-after qualities. Some essential qualities our cattle boast include:

  • A calm temperament – Bulls and other livestock without calm temperaments can be rowdy and out of control. Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch staff make certain our bulls are more relaxed and able to be worked with.
  • Disease resistant – No one wants sickly livestock that become stricken with diseases on a regular basis. That is why Harrer’s breeds our livestock to be healthy and ready for many different living conditions.
  • Optimal fertility levels – At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we want all of our cattle to be highly fertile, and our strategic breeding program can almost guarantee that all the cattle are able to meet these high expectations for your operation.
  • Many other important traits – This isn’t a complete list of the desirable traits that cattle possess. For more information, give us a call to learn about the value of our cattle.

Cattle Sales

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch also makes purchasing our livestock fun, as we hold several events throughout the year. While the focus is the sale of high-quality cattle, these events are intended to make prospective buyers feel more comfortable and welcome. One of our recent events was held at the Hilton Garden Inn and offered of a tour of the Lost Lake Ranch, which included lunch. Another event is upcoming in spring of 2022 and consists of lunch and a special sale.

So, instead of taking a chance on wasting your money on low-quality livestock that likely won’t be sellable or consumable, contact Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch. Our friendly staff of professional ranchers have nearly 100 years of experience purchasing, breeding, and selling livestock. They maintain the highest standards for our livestock when it comes to every aspect of their lives, and we house them in clean areas with plenty of fresh feed and water that they can drink at their leisure through self-watering systems.

Whether you’re seeking just livestock or livestock and semen to inseminate some cows that you may already have, give our staff at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch staff a call and they will provide you with such an effortless and pleasant buying experience that you won’t want to buy from another ranch in the future.

Nearly a Century of Breeding Excellence

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch continues to build on a legacy of excellence in cattle breeding. We invite you to contact us today at 406-899-9061 to discuss your need for bulls, heifers, calves, herd sires, bull semen, and more. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will gladly answer your questions on our livestock for sale.