Registered Black Angus Bulls for Sale in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch breeds the best Registered Angus Cattle and sells them at competitive prices. We offer balanced genetic practices to breed the best quality cattle which we sell to ranchers and farmers all over the country.

Although we have dealt with sheep and other cattle breeds, we have specialized in Registered Angus Cattle. As a result, we have extended expertise in handling them, and we get better at the best genetic and breeding practices with each generation.

We also treat our cattle with dignity and compassion. Our practices are industry standard to ensure that we provide the most favorable environment for cattle to flourish. Our work goes several generations, and as fourth-generation handlers, we have mastered our craft.

We offer great nutrition programs for all our cattle, and we emphasize the cattle growing to the best possible condition. In addition, we believe in selling our best cattle at affordable prices.

Our Values and Services

We value environmental conservation and integrate sustainable practices in our operations. We breed our cattle for 60 days, and our method of heat-synchronization and artificial insemination is applied to both registered and commercial cattle.

We try to balance out the cow’s and bull’s genetics for our registered Angus cattle for the best results. We perform tests with our herd sires and nationally recognized reference sires to ensure accuracy for our commercial sires.

We usually get our first heifers calving in January and February and March for the older cows. The cows are weaned in October and for 45 days as we prepare them for sale. We then obtain a new seedstock selection based on the performance of the previous cohort.

A different but well elaborate process is used for the bulls. This procedure ensures that only 60% of the best individual bulls remain after the breeding program. In addition, because they are bulls, we maintain a lot of human interaction for easier handling.

The bulls and our best heifers are sold through the “In The Real World” sale. This way, we maintain a vibrant breeding program that is true to real life and proven to be very sustainable.

Nearly a Century of Breeding Experience

Our ranch has been in operation for nearly a century going back to 1936. After another century of doing general ranch work, Wib Harrer bought his first Angus cattle. Together with his brother, they started the Hyalite Angus ranch near Belgrade, MT.

They moved the ranch to Helena Valley then years later. They began the W.J. Harrer and Sons Green Meadow Ranch, which rose to popularity in the 1950s. In 1960, Green Meadow had the champion bull at the San Francisco Cow Palace.

In 1970, Bill Harrer used part of his share to purchase the Lost Lake Ranch when the Green Meadow was dispersed. The ranch purchased ten registered Angus cows from the Green Meadow and began their operations as an exclusive Angus ranch in 1968.

In 1992, Grant and Deanna Harrer bought the cattle and equipment to carry on the Angus cattle family tradition. The Lost Lake Ranch now serves Angus cattle needs in Loma, Carter, Fort Benton in MT.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch

The Lost Lake ranch was initially known as the Lost Lake Land and Livestock. It was founded in the late 1800s by J.O. Patterson. After being appointed Postmaster of Lost Lake, Patterson began raising sheep. The family then started dealing with cattle exclusively.

After his retirement after World War 2, his daughter, Anne Jurgens, and her husband Louis took over the ranch’s operation. They exclusively reared Hereford cattle, with some of the land being reclaimed for farming.

When Bill and Dolores Harrer purchased this ranch in 1968, they renamed it Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, which has remained to date. However, it did not take long for the Hereford cattle to be replaced by Angus Cattle in keeping with Harrer’s family roots.

With help from the Great Plains Conservation, the Harrer family built fences and laid pipelines to control grazing and water distribution, respectively. The land and buildings are owned and maintained by the Harrer family.

This illustrious history represents an investment we have made to provide world-class services in the area of registered Angus cattle for sale.

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