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Registered Angus Cattle in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

When William T. Harrer moved to the Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, it was stocked with hereford cattle. Two major transitions have occurred since then. First William T (Bill) gradually phased out the hereford cattle and developed a topnotch black angus commercial operation. Along the way, he maintained a small group of registered angus, which were managed along side and in a similar fashion to the commercial angus herd. The second transition began when Bill very slowly moved into retirement mode (working only 12 hours a day) and Grant Harrer finally finished being a professional student who had seedstock production in his bloodstream. Thus, through the 1990’s, Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch has moved back to the production of registered angus cattle with approximately 325 head of cows in the registered operation.

The major cow families represented in the Lost Lake herd include Anne, Bemindful Maid, Birdie, Blackbird, Blackcap, Erica, Everella, Heroine, Juanada, Lass, Primose, and Queen. Herd Sires used at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch can be seen on the Herd Sires page. From there, follow the links to the individual pages for each sire’s information and epds.

Our goals have always been to maintain a high degree of fertility, soundness, calving ease, and other maternal traits. We have long been believers in balancing all traits and in uniformity. In fact the annual production sale at the Green Meadow Ranch in Helena was known as the “Harrer’s Uniformity Sale.” Performance evaluations have been a part of our approach to registered cattle for decades.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch is a very strong believer in “carcass” analysis and subsequent breed improvement.

Lost Lake Ranch

The Lost Lake registered cow herd as well as replacement heifers are each heat-synchronized for one go around of artificial insemination per year. Herd sires are then with the cows for 60 days and no more. The breeding of these cattle begins approximately May 1 with calving beginning in early February of each year. The calves are weaned in October with the bulls going directly to the Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch Bull Development Center and heifers going to pasture as soon as they are bunk broke. From the time they are baby calves through old age, this herd is under constant culling pressure so that it is constantly improving.

The majority of the bull calves are sold in the “In The Real World” annual production sale in late March of each year at the Western Livestock Auction in Great Falls, Montana. A tiny percentage are taken to test stations around the state and a small percentage are sold via private treaty. We sell some registered heifers yearly, primarily through the “In The Real World” sale as well. There, we strive to sell a group of heifers of quality equal to those we retain for replacements.

We believe very strongly that the Lost Lake cattle must work ” In The Real World” and thus the registered herd must maintain an economic use of resources for all involved. Stop by for a visit if you’re interested in Angus cattle, or contact us to learn more about our other divisions, which include commercial cattle, bull development, and farming operations.