Steer Calves for Sale

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, breeding quality steer calves for sale is our forte. At our ranch, we have been successfully breeding livestock cattle for 85 years. Our love for livestock goes years back, making us proficient in our field of providing exceptional, well-bred, and healthy Angus herds.

We are happy to provide hearty, registered livestock. This ensures that the quality sold is impeccably high. When you are looking for high-quality steer calves for your ranch or end-customer, we can guarantee that the livestock receive from us will be of the highest quality, and a point of admiration.

Purchasing Steer Calves From a trusted Supplier

When purchasing steer calves, it is essential to have a little background information about the breeders or sellers. This will help you understand their personal ethics for animal treatment, how the livestock have been bred, and the health of the animals they sell, among a few other factors.

How to care for your Steer calves

After purchasing our steer calves, continuous care is needed to ensure the herd maximizes its potential, especially if the cattle is intended to work. Keeping your livestock in good conditions will ensure that they become more tractable while at work.

Additionally, because steer cattle are ideal for beef keeping, it’s necessary to keep the animals in a clean environment to live freely and be healthy. Below are some various tips that will help to care for the herd better.

  1. Handle Your Livestock with Care

A large group of livestock can be challenging to control if they feel confined. They are sensitive to small spaces and can quickly feel threatened, and as a way of communicating, they may throw their head or kick their hind legs.

Allow them to move freely, and this way, you’re able to learn their behaviors. Understanding their behavior will make it easier to handle them either while grooming or doing routine checkups.

  1. Provide for All Their Nutritional Needs

Like humans, the steer calves will require nutritional foods, and will need this to gain and maintain their muscle mass. On average, a steer Angus can weigh between 550kg – 820kgs. Therefore, ensure to provide:

  • Feed – Angus livestock, like many other ruminants, rely on hay or pasture to fulfill their dietary needs. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the lands around for poisonous plants. If there is no adequate supply of pasture, supplement their diet with hay.
  • Water – The number of liters the calf will consume is dependent on its age. For instance, A one-week-old calf will require 0.5 gallons of water. However, the standard rule for all cattle is that their water should be clean and fresh. If served otherwise, the cattle will not be receptive to food, therefore not adding the necessary weight.
  • Minerals and salt – It’s highly advisable to understand the mineral nutrient levels of your soil. If your soil lacks certain minerals like selenium, salt and mineral blocks are available for your cattle.
  1. Build a Standard Shelter for Your Calves

A cattle shelter should be draft-free and waterproof. Then, depending on the climate of your location, the shelter can be three-sided, with the opening side facing away from the prevailing winds.

  1. Keep Track of their Health

Frequent checkups will help you identify health issues before they occur. The best way to do this is to hire a reputable veterinarian to watch out for your steer calves as they mature.

Nearly a Century of Breeding Experience

Since 1936, when the first Angus cattle was bought and introduced in the Hyalite Angus Ranch, near Belgrade, MT, the Harrer family has grown to be the pioneers of Angus cattle in Fort Benton, Loma, Carter, and Highwood, MT.

At Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch, we understand the importance of genetics in determining ranching operations. Varied and well-balanced genetics and practical techniques suited to the environment provide a great system of ranching operations. We’ve established ourselves as a top Angus cattle producer in Fort Benton, MT, by selecting and breeding for characteristics beyond basic productivity.

Whether you’re looking to expand your livestock or new to the game, we offer registered Angus cattle at affordable rates. Our steer calves are known to be very gentle and genetically dominant.

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Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch welcomes ranchers and agricultural businesses looking for black Angus steer calves and more in Fort Benton, Loma, Carter, and Highwood areas.  Whether you are growing your beef herd or you’re a starter needing a breed with high-quality traits, we’re here to help. We’ve been a recognized supplier of steer calves for almost a century, and we guarantee the highest breeding standards.

For more information, feel free to fill our online form or call us at (406) 899-9061, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.